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Sector Guide

The Sector guide provides step-by-step guidance for your Sector Projects.

Sector media file type video (Sector D8)

Sector video allows you to embed externally hosted videos into body content. 

The Sector D8 video configuration follows the same approach for the other Sector D8 media file types (Sector D8)

Features and functionality

Sector video is part of the Sector 8.x-2.0-alpha5 release. It includes:

  • A Media file type for video
  • The ability for the content editor to add externally hosted videos (YouTube, Vimeo) and embed media videos from the WYSIWYG editor. 
  • Media view modes for videos managed via Display Suite. 

Included media contribution modules

Sector 8.x-2.0-alpha5 includes the following - not yet core - media contrib. modules:

Related entities and configuration (Sector D8)

Sector Media file type video


Sector 8.x-2.0-alpha5 includes a preconfigured media types for embed videos. All displays are hooked into Display Suite view modes to allow consistency and easy display management.

Preconfigured media meta data fields 

Video media type:

  • Title (Sector custom)
  • Credit and caption (Sector custom - Limited to Restricted Basic HTML)
  • Transcript (Sector custom - Limited to Restricted Basic HTML)
  • Tags (Sector custom)

Preconfigured URL pattern 


The URL pattern is configured using tokens 

  • Sector video    video/[media:field_title]

Sector Media view modes  


The media view modes allow control over how videos are displayed in both the AdminUI and the frontend.

The view modes are inherited by the default Sector D8 media file types (Sector D8).

Media Browser(s)  


Sector video adds one additional custom displays in the default Sector media browser view


Based on the view displays, we have configured 2 entity browsers, each to be used in either the CKeditor (via iframe) or in the media field uploads (via modal). 

  • Media Entity video alternate (CKeditor)
  • Media Entity video

The preconfigured Sector Starter Kit content types don't use media video fields, so the second media entity browser is not actively used. It was added to allow consistency for future add-ons. 

Entity Browser Permissions

Entity Browser comes with permissions per configured browser, so the permissions need to be reviewed to allow editorial user roles access. 


Sector by default allows both content editor and content administrator roles to access the media entity browsers. 

Media embed buttons and icons


Media video embed button are defined and ...  


... used in the WYSIWYG editor tool bar for both Basic and Full HTML text formats. 

Sample content

From 8.x-2.0-alpha5 Sector includes basic theming for videos. 

Media sample content 

  • YouTube sample video <your-domain>/video/sample-video
Media added to pages

To easily test and showcase the media video configuration, we have embedded a sample video into the Sector WYSIWYG Content Elements page. 

  • Sample video embeds 

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