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Sector Page content setting - Show teaser list of submenu items

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Drupal Sitebuilder
Content types and displays
Sector Page

For hierarchical content in menus, Sector provides an easy to use option to show the child pages of a parent page.

An introduction on Page content settings can be found in the Sector Page content type documentation. 

Features and functionality

  • Page content setting 'Show teaser list of submenu items'
  • Sector sub menu pages view with a block display to configure settings. 
  • A Page Teaser alternate Display Suite view mode to configure displays. 

Required Drupal contribution modules

  • Views Menu Node Children Filter 
    The module allows us to add a contextual filter to Views to retrieve a pages's child pages according to the menu structure. 

Related entities and configuration (Sector D8)

Via Page - Content setting taxonomy (Automated contextual content)


The term 'Show teaser list of submenu items' allows the editor to list child pages per node and is used as a condition to display the block.

Sector sub menu pages view  


The Sector sub menu pages view loads the child pages and provides a block display: 

  • Sub menu pages (Teaser Alternate)

The block display is hooked into Display Suite view mode Teaser alternate to allow consistency and easy display management.

Related blocks under block layout 


  • Sector sub menu pages: Sub menu pages (Teaser Alternate)  - placed in the post-content region and restricted via the term condition.  

Sample content

  • The Section A entry pages shows the child page list <your-domain>/section.  

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With Drupal 9 released, we have published our Sector 9 roadmap as well as completed the first release for Sector 9.

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