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The New Zealand Film Commission supports the vibrant New Zealand screen industry through making and promoting New Zealand films, attracting international productions, and developing careers for New Zealand filmmakers. 

Media file management and media file types

Media adds advanced file and media management to your site. The preconfigured Sector media types include metadata fields - from captions, to transcripts, to copyright; Sector brings it out of the box.

Organising your content

Sector allows you to organise your content in structures that your intended audience can grasp quickly.


Metadata is information (data) about information. In content management systems metadata can include all attributes or elements that describe a unit of content held in the system (like images, pages, and documents).

Preconfigured user roles, user profiles and permissions

The Drupal permissions and user roles management governs user access to both sitebuilding and editorial tasks. The Sector Starter Kit includes preconfigured user roles, users, and permissions that can be used as-is or easily adjusted to support your spe

Sector text format configuration

Drupal text formats provide additional security and filters for your text content. The Sector text format configuration adjusts the existing text formats and adds additional formats to cater for common use cases. 

Sector WYSIWYG templates

WYSIWYG templates allow content editors to add advanced design elements to their pages without the need to code -  just select a template from the drop-down and insert it into the WYSIWYG field. 

Sector menu configuration

Next to the Drupal default menus, Sector ships with additional preconfigured menus and menu blocks to make it as easy as possible to get started.

Open Source award winner!

Sparks Interactive are delighted to accept the Open Source Use in Business award for Sector and the open source platform

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