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As well as being an events venue, Q Theatre is a charitable trust supporting local artists and performers. 

WhoQ Theatre, a charitable trust and arts centre in Auckland

What: Sector 8 website to raise money for the theatre during the COVID-19 pandemic


COVID-19 has been catastrophic for the New Zealand arts scene, and Q Theatre is no exception. Q's website was in the early stages of a complete rebuild, but a change of direction was needed as the pandemic forced the theatre doors to close.

With Q Theatre losing more than 85% of their income and with almost all 2020 shows cancelled, focus turned to securing donations for the theatre so it can survive this difficult time and reopen when shows can be held again.

Sector was used to deliver a site for the client within a week - with this site being used as the central information point and call for donations. As May draws to a close, Q are poised to reach their $150,000 fundraising total.


  • Website delivered within a week
  • Donation tracker
  • Register your support - webform to show support and share stories


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