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The Sector Ecosystem

The Sector Ecosystem is growing.

Starting small. Growing big.

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The Sector Ecosystem

Sector is built to be modular - the main building block is the Sector Starter Kit, and the Starter Kit can be extended using Sector add-ons.

What is included in the Starter Kit? 

In short - everything you need to get going. The Starter Kit delivers a fully functional site ready for content loading and your design and branding layer. 

Find out what is in the box.

What add-ons are available? 

The most vibrant part of our ecosystem is our add-ons. The Sector add-on overview lists what is available and what is in the pipeline. 

Need something else?  

Sector is open source and the Sector Ecosystem is open for contributions and feature requests. Find out more about our Sector contribution and governance model

Grown locally.

The Sector Ecosystem is firmly planted in New Zealand. 

Local support

Sector is a New Zealand distribution brought to you by Sparks Interactive. We are not here to conquer the world - we are here to help local businesses and public entities deliver their websites and online services. Fast and efficient, just like New Zealanders.

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Sector and the New Zealand all-of-government Design System

The Sector Ecosystem is growing - and we are committed to integrate's all-of-government Design System 

New Zealand hosting

We are working towards an affordable hosted Sector solution - one that includes a local option in New Zealand. 

Behind the scenes.

We set out to open source not only code but the way we work. An important part of the Sector Ecosystem is the Sector documentation.

Sector documentation

Browse through our Documentation and Collections or our Sector Blog

Sector on

The Sector Ecosystem has a large part of its roots at and is a large part of our Sector contribution and governance model

Sector repositories and composer

The wider Sector Ecosystem includes the many moving parts to 'compose' Sector - the public GitHub repository and the Sector Project at Packagist.

More than technology.

The Sector Ecosystem is more than technology.

The centre of the Sector Ecosystem is not code, but users. Our users - whether they be website visitors, editorial teams, product owners, or development teams - provide us with insights, feedback, and ideas every day. They provide the space and the support to grow Sector.

Sector 9 is out!

With Drupal 9 released, we have published our Sector 9 roadmap as well as completed the first release for Sector 9.

Need Help?

Sector is brought to you by Sparks Interactive - supporting Sector from Wellington and Auckland

Open Source award winner!

Sparks Interactive are delighted to accept the Open Source Use in Business award for Sector and the open source platform.

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