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Why Sector?

Sector is a New Zealand Drupal Distribution aimed to have your web project up and running in no time. 


Deliver your site quicker and with less risk.

Sector is built on a flexible framework and is packed with features. We’ve used the best tools on the market and preconfigured authoring tools, content types, and file management across a wide range of use cases. Launching your site has never been so fast, efficient, and easy.

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Content first.

Your content is king. Sector’s easy to use tools support content creation, delivery, and governance - so you can concentrate on bringing the right content to the right user at the right time.


Starting small. Growing Big.

One size doesn’t fit all. From small beginnings to something bigger - with Sector, there's a solution to suit everyone. Sector ships in three packages: the Sector Starter Kit, Sector Enterprise Kit, and the Sector NZgovt Kit.

Open source

Open Source.

Open source - from start to finish. It means lower costs, higher quality, greater innovation, faster speed, and quicker detection and resolution of any potential security issues. Behind all of this is Sector - an open source Drupal distribution which ships with the open source Bootstrap HTML, CSS, and JS toolkit. Sector provides easy integration points to the open source enterprise search platform, Solr built on Apache Lucene and the open source Varnish Cache web accelerator.

Local support

Local Support.

Sector is a New Zealand distribution brought to you by Sparks Interactive. We are not here to conquer the world - we are here to help local businesses and public entities deliver their websites and online services. Fast and efficient, just like New Zealanders.

Open Source award winner!

Sparks Interactive are delighted to accept the Open Source Use in Business award for Sector and the open source platform

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Sector is brought to you by Sparks Interactive - supporting Sector from Wellington and Auckland.

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