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Sector add-ons - overview

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Sector Add-ons

Next to the features and functionality provided by the Sector Starter Kit, Sector includes a growing number of Sector add-ons.

Plug and play

Sector is a growing ecosystem. Each Sector add-on is published as a Drupal contribution module on Just download and install on top of your Sector Starter Kit and you are ready to go. 

The anatomy of a Sector add-on

Each Sector follows the same principle - once installed, your editorial team is ready to go. To make this happen, each Sector add-on comes with a set of tools. Some are as you would expect, while some go further. Read more in The anatomy of a Sector add-on

Sector add-ons for Drupal 8 

Content type Use cases Check it out
Sector Events Sector Events provides a base content type for events - workshops, conferences, or online seminars - and includes a set of automated listings to promote events to the homepage, list upcoming events or to browse through past events.

Events on the Sector demo

Sector Blog Sector Blog offers an easy to use blog to publish updates, engage with your audience, or collaborate across teams and locations. Included is everything you'll need to get going - a Blog post content type, automated lists and filtered archives, as well as comments and a Blog editor user role. Blog on the Sector demo
Sector Content Audit Sector Content Audit enables you to audit and review content within the site.  Included is everything you'll need to get going - taxonomies to track audits and progress, text fields to leave review notes or add document notes, an audit date to track and set review dates, as well as an easy to use audit view. Request a demo
Sector Portfolio Sector Portfolio provides a base content type for promotional portfolio items - like projects or case studies - and includes a sidebar to automatically promote the latest entries.  Portfolio on the Sector demo
Sector Contact  Sector Contact provides a base content type for staff or team profiles or contacts. Contacts on the Sector Demo
Sector Index  Sector Index A-Z offers a simple way to list content in an A-Z index. You can start from the included Index content type or re-use the included Index A-Z views to list any existing content alphabetically by title or by topic.  Index on the Sector Demo
Sector Media Gallery Media Gallery provides a base content type for media galleries (images and videos) and includes a set of automated views to create slideshows or carousels. Media galleries on the Sector Demo

In the pipeline

We are planning to close the last gaps between Sector D7 and Sector D9, as well as creating new functionality - giving you even more add-ons to expand your Sector site with. 

Content type Use cases Status
Sector Resource Multi-Page

Resource Multi-Page provides a base content type to manage long documents of up to 50 print pages as a single content unit - such as regulatory, legislative, or guidance handbooks.

Currently only in Sector D7.

Sector Membership  An add-on that allows you to add a members-only section.  Pending
Sector Feedback Form  A simple footer feedback form to collect feedback from your users.  Pending
Sector Workflow  An advanced preconfigured workflow for Sector sites.  Pending


Last updated

Sector 9 is out!

With Drupal 9 released, we have published our Sector 9 roadmap as well as completed the first release for Sector 9.

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