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Content Editing 101 - Content authoring tools

Mastered the Editor's Quick Start Guide? Let's have a look at the tools that editorial users use day to day.

User roles:
Content Editor,
Content Administrator
  • Introduction to the WYSIWYG editor

    The WYSIWYG text editor (What You See Is What You Get) is used to manage text styles and formatting on your main text fields - and can do so much more! 
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  • Navigating a node edit form

    When you create or edit a node, the page you see is a node edit form. A node edit form contains fields for your content - this guide is about fields commonly used across content types.
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  • Introduction to the media file management

    The media file manager adds advanced file and media management to your site. But what does that mean for the way you manage files, images, and rich media on your site? 

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  • Adding files using the media browser

    The media browser is used for selecting and uploading images, videos, and documents to use in your content. It can be accessed via the WYSIWYG editor, and in fields used for selecting files (like teaser images).

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  • Working with the new media library

    From May 2020, the new media library replaces the Sector media browsers for images, files and videos with one robust, easy to use, and customisable interface. 

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  • Adding media files in the WYSIWYG editor

    You can add images, documents, and videos to your content directly from the WYSIWYG editor. The media browser allows you to select a file that has already been uploaded to your site, or you can upload a new one.

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  • Adding banner and teaser images

    Banner or teaser images can be displayed in a number of places, and are available for pages, portfolio pages, contacts, and promotions.

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  • Adding related content to a node

    In Sector, you can attach 'related content' to Page, Event, News, and Resource nodes. This related content can be in the form of attached files or links to other content (internal and external).

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  • Previewing your content

    You can preview content within the WYSIWYG editor as you create it, and by using the Preview option in the node edit form - however, some changes you make can’t be previewed.
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  • Working with entityqueues

    Entityqueues allow you to create sortable queues (lists of items) of any content type.

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  • Changing standard node settings

    Standard node settings are part of the node edit form and let you change various aspects of a content node - such as its URL alias and metadata.

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