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Adding related content to a node

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In Sector, you can attach 'related content' to Page, Event, News, and Resource nodes. This related content can be in the form of attached files or links to other content (internal and external).

In this guide

To add related content to a node, you need to edit the node - the 'Related content' fields are at the bottom of the node edit form. These fields are collapsed to help speed up content editing, as they won’t be used as often as other fields.

Screenshot of related content fields (with numbered highlights)

Screenshot - Related content fields in a page node edit form

Adding related files ( 1 )

In 'Related files' you can select a file to be attached to the node. Using the media browser, upload a new file or select one that is already in your library. Learn more about using the media file browser in Adding files using the media browser.

Adding related links ( 2 )

Internal links

In the autocomplete URL field you can search for content by node title - start typing the title and select the item you want to link to from the list.

Administration Interface Screenshot

Screenshot - autocomplete on related content

The autocomplete will link to the selected content's node ID (the number of the node) not its node alias (e.g. /this-is-the-page-title). As the node ID doesn't change, this prevents the link becoming broken if the alias is changed later. 

The link text is what is displayed to the users, so you should make it clear and descriptive.

External links

To link to an external webpage, enter its URL in the URL field. You should also add descriptive link text so users know where they are being directed before they click the link.

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