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Getting started - Editor's Quick Start Guide

Before you leap into adding content to your site, you should get familiar with how a Sector website works. These user guides introduce you to the basics of content editing - from logging in to your account, to navigating the user interface, to adding a new piece of content.

User roles:
Content Editor,
Content Administrator
  • Introduction to the Sector 10 Workflow

    The Sector workflow – new in Sector 10 – assumes a simple publication strategy: a content editor creates and edits a draft before submitting it for review.

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  • Sector Workflow Configuration

    The Sector Workflow configuration—part of the Starter Kit in Sector 10—is built on the Drupal core Workflow and Content Moderation modules.

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  • Drupal 101 - Before you start

    Before you start, we need to get a few terms from the Drupal terminology out of the way. We try to keep away from jargon, but we can't pretend a node isn't a node... so what is a node, after all? 

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  • TL;DR - Editor's cheat sheet

    TL;DR stands for too long; didn’t read. The editor guides on contain a large amount of information - here are the most important things to know.

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  • Logging in to your user account

    To get started, you need a user account on the website. A Support Agent user can create an account for you.
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  • Using the Administration User Interface (AdminUI)

    Once you've logged in to your user account, you'll see the Administration User Interface (AdminUI). This has two distinct areas: the AdminUI overlay on the frontend of your site, and the AdminUI backend.
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  • Navigating the Content section of the AdminUI

    The Content section of the AdminUI lets you create, view, and edit content - it will be one of the areas you access the most in the backend of your site.

    You can access the content section by going to 'Content' in the AdminUI toolbar.

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  • Introduction to the Starter Kit site structure

    The Starter Kit includes a homepage, hierarchical pages sorted into menus and site sections, a news section, and a resource library. This guide provides an overview of the site structure and what content should go where.
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  • Adding new content to your site

    Adding new content to your site is easy - this guide shows you how.
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  • Editing existing content on your site

    Editing content on your site is easy, but there are a few things to keep in mind when you're editing content that is already published on a LIVE site.  

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  • Sector content elements

    The Sector Starter Kit comes with a set of preconfigured content elements that are easy to adapt to your design and easy to edit with the Sector content authoring tools. 

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Sector 10 is coming!

Find out more in our Sector 10 roadmap.

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