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Sector Workflow Configuration

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User role
Content Editor Content Moderator Content Administrator
Content editing
Content editing Content moderation and workflow
Sector 10

The Sector Workflow configuration—part of the Starter Kit in Sector 10—is built on the Drupal core Workflow and Content Moderation modules. The Sector workflow assumes a simple publication strategy: a content editor creates and edits a draft until it is ready to be submitted for review. A content moderator then reviews the draft and either requests changes or publishes the draft. 

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Start by reading our Introduction to Sector 10 Workflows, along with our documentation on Preconfigured user roles, user profiles and permissions.

Features and functionality

Sector workflow includes

Related entities and configuration 

Sector workflow, states and transitions 


Ready for review


Transition  From To  User roles / permissions
Create new draft Draft, Published Draft Content editor
Submit for review Draft Ready for review Content editor
Feedback Ready for review Draft Content editor, content moderator
Publish Draft, Published Published Content moderator
Unpublish Publish Unpublished Content moderator

Sector user roles and permissions



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