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Using the Administration User Interface (AdminUI)

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Content editing
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Once you've logged in to your user account, you'll see the Administration User Interface (AdminUI). This has two distinct areas: the AdminUI overlay on the frontend of your site, and the AdminUI backend.

Help! Where do I log into my account?

Head to Logging into your user account for all the information you need to get started.

In this guide

AdminUI overlays

The AdminUI overlays are displayed as part of the frontend view of your site.

Administration Interface Screenshot with numbered highlights

Screenshot - News node with AdminUI overlays for the Content Editor Role

Main features in the AdminUI overlay are:

Tip - Hide the AdminUI for a better content preview

To hide AdminUI overlays from the frontend view, use the ‘Hide menu’ ( 3 ) button on the right side of the toolbar.

AdminUI toolbar

Screenshot of the AdminUI toolbar with numbered highlights

Screenshot - the AdminUI toolbar with content submenu expanded

The links in the toolbar take you to pages in the backend where you can edit and configure your website and its content. As a content editor or content administrator, much of your work is done in the Content section. 

In the Manage section ( 1 ), clicking on Content ( 2 ) will take you to the Content screen where you can filter and find content, while the content submenu ( 3 ) gives you quick access to add new content.

AdminUI tabs

Screenshot of AdminUI tabs with numbered highlights

Screenshot - AdminUI tabs on a standard page

AdminUI tabs ( 1 ) allow you to view, edit, and delete a page from the frontend. If the content can be added to an entityqueue, you can access the queue from the tabs as well. 

Contextual admin links

Screenshot of AdminUI contextual links with numbered highlights

Screenshot - AdminUI contextual links to edit a queue of promotional tiles

The contextual links appear on hover - e.g. when you move your mouse over a teaser of a content node ( 1 ) or an entity queue for promotional tiles ( 2 ).

The AdminUI backend

Screenshot of AdminUI backend - the Content screen

Screenshot - Content screen in AdminUI backend

To create and edit content, you will use the AdminUI backend. You can access the backend by using the AdminUI toolbar, tabs, or contextual links.


Ready to add or edit content? See our Introduction to content structure and content types to learn what goes where.


Administration User Interface (AdminUI)

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