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Editing a promotion

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Sector Starter kit Sector promotions

Sector Promotions offer a flexible content type to create and place ad-style promotions throughout your site. As part of the Sector Starter Kit, promotions are placed on the homepage, and this guide explains how to add and edit them. 

Visit the Sector online demo to see sample promotions on the homepage

Steps in this guide

  1. Add a new promotion

  2. Select promotion category

  3. Add teaser image

  4. Add body text

  5. Link to promoted content

  6. Change the standard node settings

  7. Add the promotion to an entityqueue

  8. Check how the promotion displays

For general guidance on adding and editing content, see: Adding new content to your site and Making changes to existing content on your site

Step 1 - Add a new promotion

To add a promotion, use the AdminUI toolbar and navigate to Content > Add content > Promotion


This takes you to a node edit form for a promotion.

Screenshot of promotion and its node edit form (with numbered highlights)

Screenshot - Promotion node edit form and the published promotion (from

Step 2 - Select promotion category

Select a 'promotion category' from the dropdown list ( 1 ). Out of the box, 'Promotional tiles' is used for the tiles on the homepage.

Step 3 - Add teaser image

Add a teaser image ( 2 ) to be displayed above the title, body text, and link. You can learn more about teaser images in Adding banner and teaser images.

Step 4 - Add body text

In the 'Body' field, you can add the main text of your promotion. For a promotion, the text formatting you can do is limited as you will only be adding a short snippet of text.

Step 5 - Link to promoted content

A promotion is promoting a piece of content, so you need to fill in the URL and link text fields ( 3 ) to link to this content. This can be for content on your site, or on another site.

Step 6 - Change the standard node settings

The standard node settings (e.g. authoring information) are at the side of the node edit form. You can learn more about these settings in Changing standard node settings.

Step 7 - Add the promotion to a entityqueue

To display your promotion on your site, you will need to save it, then add it to the relevant entityqueue aka subqueue - see Working with entityqueues.

Step 8 - Check how the promotion displays

A promotion isn't a node in the same way that other content is, so there isn't an option to preview it. Instead, you will need to check what the promotion looks like on your site once you have added it to a queue. You may want to alter the body or link text if it doesn’t fit well when displayed in the frontend.

Need to make more changes to the homepage? 

To learn how to edit other elements on the homepage, see Editing the homepage

Entityqueues and subqueues

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