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Adding new content to your site

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Content editing
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Adding new content to your site is easy - choose a content type and create a new node. 

The Sector Drupal 8 Starter Kit doesn't come with a preconfigured moderated content workflow - yet. This article assumes that you are working on a Sector site without Drupal workflow and moderation. 

To add a new piece of content to your site, decide what content type is applicable for your content, and create a node of that content type.

Not sure what each content type is used for?

You can learn more in our Introduction to content structure and content types.

In this guide

  1. Create a new node

  2. Add and edit content

  3. Preview, save, and publish content

Step 1 - Create a new node

Screenshot of AdminUI toolbar -  'Add content' submenu

Screenshot - Adding new content using the AdminUI toolbar

Create a new node from the AdminUI toolbar.

Content > Add content > [content type]

This takes you to a node edit form for the content type you select.

Haven't seen a node edit form before?

Get acquainted with node edit forms in Navigating a node edit form.

Step 2 - Add and edit content

When you create a new node, you are taken to its node edit form - where you can add content and change settings.

The main part of your content is in the Body section. To learn about formatting this content using the text editor, see our Introduction to the WYSIWYG editor.

Step 3 - Preview and publish your page

At the bottom of the node edit form you can save and preview your content.

Before you save your page as published, you should preview it - see Previewing your content for your preview options. Publish when you are ready. 

Want more guidance on adding specific content types?

Learn more in our collection Content Editing 101 - Editing content in content types

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Find out more in our Sector 10 roadmap.

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