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New Zealand Film Commission (

The New Zealand Film Commission supports the vibrant New Zealand screen industry through making and promoting New Zealand films, attracting international productions, and developing careers for New Zealand filmmakers. 

Who: New Zealand Film Commission (NZFC)

What: Public sector website built on the Sector D7 NZGovt Kit


The new site, launched in December 2017, is the main online channel for the Film Commission and reaches out to both international and local audiences.

The short project timeline (16 weeks from Go to Go Live), and the challenging list of tasks would not have been possible for Sparks Interactive and NZFC without the preconfigured features of the Sector D7 NZGovt Kit.


The new site features:

Next to implementing the list of features above, content was also migrated from two existing sites.


Included in the migration was:

  • 3500 funding decisions, 
  • 675 films, 
  • 3700 talents,
  • 200 pages and resources,
  • 500 news,
  • 5700 location images,
  • 1250 film images, 
  • 200 showcases,
  • and more. 

Within the same timeline, Sparks Interactive and NZFC also took stock and created a strategy for the content of the new site. 


  • Content strategy and style guide 
  • Content roadmap 
  • Content audits and schedules

You can read more about the project in our longer case study - Working with the New Zealand Film Commission.


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