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Release notes

Sector 5.0.0-rc1 is out!

Issue date:

5.0.0-rc1 completes our switch to the Sector Radix Starter theme, the update to Drupal 8.9, and semantic versioning. Also included are security updates for contributed modules. 

Core and module updates

  • Drupal Core to 8.9.0
  • Contributed modules updated to their latest stable versions
    • Admin Toolbar
    • Anchor Link
    • Autologout
    • Backup Migrate
    • Block Class
    • Configuration Update
    • ctools
    • Default Content
    • Display Suite
    • Embed
    • Entity Embed
    • Entityqueue
    • Field Delimiter
    • Google Analytics
    • Inline Entity Form
    • Menu Block
    • Metatag
    • Password Policy (Latest Beta)
    • Pathauto
    • reCAPTCHA
    • Radix
    • Redirect
    • Search API
    • Token
    • Username Enumeration Prevention
    • Video Embed Field
    • Webform

Required changes as part of this update

As part of this update, we updated the Anchor Link module to its latest stable. Part of that update included the issue - Unfortunately this module violates d.o guidelines and D8 guidelines — stop copy/pasting CKEditor plugin, roll our own

While this fix is correct, it also breaks the update process for Sector for this particular release. Adding the below code to the "Repositories" section of your composer.json will resolve this.

If you've made no changes to the repositories section of your composer.json, copying the version from Sector will also work.

        "ckeditor-plugin/link": {
            "type": "package",
            "package": {
                "name": "ckeditor-plugin/link",
                "version": "4.14.0",
                "type": "drupal-library",
                "dist": {
                    "url": "",
                    "type": "zip"
        "ckeditor-plugin/fakeobjects": {
            "type": "package",
            "package": {
                "name": "ckeditor-plugin/fakeobjects",
                "version": "4.14.0",
                "type": "drupal-library",
                "dist": {
                    "url": "",
                    "type": "zip"

After this, add the following lines to the top of the "require" section of your composer.json. If you get lost, please use the version from Sector as a guide.

"ckeditor-plugin/link": "4.14.0",
"ckeditor-plugin/fakeobjects": "4.14.0",

If it is not yet enabled, enable the Ckeditor Fakeobjects module under /admin/modules

Changes and improvements


  • The 8.3 branch has now been deprecated and removed from the releases page on
  • Bootstrap and the Sector starter theme are now deprecated and will be removed in the 6.x branch. 

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Sector 9 is out!

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