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Sector D8 beta5 - 8.x-2.0-beta5 - is out

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Sector 8.x-2.0-beta5 is the fifth beta Sector Starter Kit release on In beta5 we have applied security and module updates along with theming and general improvements.

Modules and updates

A new module has been added.

Security updates have been made to Core and contrib modules.

  • Drupal Core
  • Metatag

A number of other modules have also been updated:

  • Bootstrap
  • Default content

  • Entityqueue

  • Facets

  • Entityqueue

  • Pathauto

  • Rabbit Hole

  • Search API

  • Term condition

  • Video embed field

  • Webform

As part of these updates we also removed a mega-patch we had made for Term condition to fix various issues with the module. A Sparks Interactive developer has taken over maintainership of this module to fix issues and make it stable.

Front-end improvements

  1. Theme specific
    • Update theme breakpoints as mega and mega large were missing.
    • Improve accessibility of in page span anchors.
    • Resolve sub pixel rounding issue with site sidebar layout which affects the Safari browser.
    • Remove custom text selection colour and default to browser specified.
    • Improve global webform default styles.
    • Add commonly used social media icons - Instagram and YouTube.
    • Update default site map styles to improve readability.
    • Add mega menu theming option.
  2. Rework Sector theme javascript to:
    • Make more modular by splitting files into manageable behaviours
    • Add commonly used mega menu approach
    • Add commonly used toggle approach including off click functionality
  3. Config/Other
    • Update image cache settings for embedded images (full and half width) to allow for variable height.
    • Added join-path to the safe tokens field for pathauto.
    • Disabled the "frontpage" (/node, /rss.xml) views. These can be enabled on a per site basis if needed. This will only apply to new sites.

Back-end improvements

  • Fixed issue where the "Robot" user was not being created correctly during the Sector install process
  • Minor reworking of the sector.install file to better adhere to code standards.
  • We have began to improve the config exports for Sector. Moving forward we will be using drush-cmi-tools to make Sector more efficient and decrease its footprint. As a start we have removed 12 config files, with many more to come over the next round of updates.

Download and try it 

Ready to give beta5 a try? Download Sector 8.x-2.0-beta5 on

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Sector 9 is out!

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