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Sector 9.x to 10 Upgrade Path

Sector 9.5.6 - More updates to prepare for the upgrade path

Issue date:

9.5.6 includes more module updates required for the Sector 10 upgrade process!

Release status: Released!

Find out more on our Sector 10 Release Pipeline for 2023

Included issues in 9.5.6

  • #3377626 Prepare 9.x modules for 10.x
  • #3381558 Review Permissions Set-up in 9.5.x

Module updates included in this release

  • Allowed formats 2.0.2 (compatible with 10)
  • Antibot 2.0.2 (compatible with 10)
  • config_update 2.0.0-alpha3 (compatible with 10)
  • field_delimiter 2.0.1 (compatible with 10)
  • password_policy 4.0.0  (compatible with 10)
  • radix: 4.x_dev (compatible with 10)
  • components 3.0.0-beta3 (compatible with 10)

Permissions export and re-import

The Upgrade Status module introduced in 9.5.5 highlighted issues in the way we set the permissions on the Sector 9.5.x install, as well as some permissions that were no longer needed. We exported and reimported the permissions and are now delivering a fresh config on install. This will not cause any issues with existing sites!

As always

Find all current releases for 9.5.x and GIT commits on the Sector Drupal GIT repository




Sector 10 is coming!

Find out more in our Sector 10 roadmap.

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