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Sector 10 Release Pipeline for 2023/24

Sector 10

Sector 10 is currently under active development and will be production-ready in the first quarter of 2024! 

Our Sector Roadmap

Sector 10 is our first complete rebuild since Sector 8. We are replacing some old favourites with new and shiny (but not too shiny) tools. You can find out more in our Sector 10 Roadmap

Sector 10 is currently under a feature freeze allowing us to conduct QA before our first full release planned for March 2024. 

Release Pipeline 2024 

Sector 10 is currently, as of January 2024, under active development, and the first Sector 10 Starter Kit release (Alpha) is out and about! 

For more release news see Updates and releases.

We have not met our target date for full Sector 10 Starter Kit release. The release date is not entirely in our hands as we are waiting on a few production-ready releases for included Drupal contribution modules. 

However, the upgrade-path for Sector 9.5.x to Sector 10.0.0-alpha is cleared and upgrades are underway both at Sparks and in the community!

What to expect from the Sector 10 Starter Kit? 

The Sector 10 Starter Kit will include most of the features in Sector 9.5.x. Exceptions apply where we are waiting, or working on, Drupal 10 ready versions of Drupal 9 contribution modules. Plus, we are planning on some new and exciting additions which we will introduce in the coming months. 

What about the Sector 10 add-ons?

We are currently prioritising Sector add-ons for Sector 10 releases. We will add Sector add-on release schedules soon.

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Sector 10 is coming!

Find out more in our Sector 10 roadmap.

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