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A new framework blows into town - introducing Tailwind

Sector 10 Sector Starter theme

With Sector 10 knocking on the door, we’d like to introduce you to the new frontend theme it will ship with. The new Sector Starter Theme uses Tailwind - a utility-first CSS framework that lets you rapidly build modern websites.

What else is happening with Sector 10?

Find out more in the Sector 10 roadmap blog post.

What does Tailwind have to offer?

Tailwind is a great prototyping and styling framework for both developers and non-developers. Some benefits of Tailwind include:

  • Build scalable sites consistently and quickly
  • Cross-browser support is built in
  • Accessibility considerations
  • Works well with Figma and other tools
  • Many utility classes for sitebuilders to use

Along with these benefits, the Sector team wants to bring non-codebase assets and other ideas to you, and Tailwind will allow us to do this.

Non-codebase assets?

Yes, like a design system! Learn more about the upcoming Figma Sector Design System.

How do Sector and Tailwind work together?

As of Sector 10, the Sector Starter Theme will use Tailwind as the framework to create clean sites - however, the Sector 10 base theme doesn't include Tailwind. This means that if you have a different preferred framework, you will be able to use this by subtheming from the base theme instead of the Sector Starter theme.

What happens to the old theme?

The old Bootstrap-based Sector Starter Theme will continue to live on in the legacy package and will get any bug fixes it needs for sites that sub-theme from it. The previous Starter Theme has been left mostly unchanged due to the risk of breaking existing sites if features were added or changed, so this will remain the case.

Sector 9.5 sites were sub-themed using Radix, and you can continue using that when you update to Sector 10. While we will be bringing exciting new frontend elements to Sector via Tailwind, we won't close off the Radix path - that choice remains available to you.

Can I please get a sneak peek of the new theme?

Since you asked nicely - check out the Sector 10 preview 👀

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