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An important step in the Sector 9 roadmap - the first Sector 9 release!

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March is off to a speedy start - with our first release of Sector 9 coming earlier this month. As promised in our Sector 9 roadmap, Sector 9 is here and ready for production use!

Read the Sector 9.1.0 release notes to learn more on updating to Sector 9.

What about Sector 10?

It's on its way! Find out what's planned in the Sector 10 roadmap.

Working towards Sector 9

Ever since Drupal 9 was released on June 3 2020, we have been taking steps towards making Sector ready for Drupal 9.

Over the course of 2020, we undertook a range of preparation to make the move to Drupal 9 smoother - like reducing technical debt by:

  • Reducing the number of contributed modules delivered as part of the Sector Starter Kit
  • Removing deprecated code
  • Reviewing and updating contributed modules for Drupal 9 readiness
  • Making the switch from media browser to media library

Other changes we made

While we were reviewing our code and processes, we also took the opportunity to create fresh test plans for Sector 9. These were based on the ones we used for Sector 8, but the new ones are cleaner and made the final run through of testing easier.

Sample content included in the Sector Starter Kit was also given a small makeover - text and taxonomies have been tweaked to help users get a better picture of how Sector works.

... and after all that, we're now happy to announce that as of March 5, the first Sector 9 release, 9.1.0, is out.

Where to next?

We are taking the opportunity to refresh the Sector add-ons, as well as build some new add-ons which have been in the pipeline.

We're also working towards automated tests using the Drupal testing framework.

Keep an eye out on our updates and releases (or follow us on Twitter) for more news as we continue to polish up Sector for Drupal 9.

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