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Release notes

Sector D8 beta1 - 8.x-2.0-beta1 - is out

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Sector 8.x-2.0-beta1 is the first beta Sector Starter Kit release on It includes an all new sidewide search solution using the Search API and Facets modules as well as a set of new features and functionality.

What is new

New contribution modules 

  • Redirect module - including preconfigured permissions to allows content administrators to administer URL redirects sidewide and per node. 
  • Webform module - a powerful module that allows sitebuilders to set-up forms and surveys as well as manage submissions. 
  • Search API - more below. 
  • Facets - more below.
  • Honeypot - a lightweight and accessible solution to secure webforms against spam. 
  • Diff - allows content editors and administrators to compare revisions*. 

New search solution 

The Search API module together with the Facets module allows sitebuilders to create and manage faceted search interfaces. Your Sector site now not only benefits from a fast and configurable sitewide search - you can also add data-type-specific searches for any content type with configuration only (no need to code). 

Read more in the Sector Search API and Search Facets configuration documentation page

Issues and improvements

  • We reviewed and updated the default rabbit hole settings for non-public-facing taxonomies in Sector to redirect terms to the 403 access denied page.
  • We reviewed and updated the default rabbit hole settings for terms in the Article and Resource categories to redirect to the archive view page with the term ID as argument.
  • We added a shortcut to the taxonomy management from all public-facing taxonomies fields in the AdminUI. 
  • Unpublished media now include a notice in the front-end. 
  • We have added custom code to hide the block configuration menu item in the contextual menus from the editorial user roles via a simple permission setting. Based on our experience, editorial users struggle with the block management split between editing blocks and placing them, as well as the difference between system blocks and text/custom blocks. This module provides a pragmatic and simple approach to allow editorial users to use the contextual links to edit text in blocks. 
  • Beta1 also includes other minor changes and improvements to the Sector configuration to ensure labels and settings are consistent across use cases. 

Download and try it 

Download Sector 8.x-2.0-beta1 on

Please note: there is a known issue with Drupal revisions and field blocks. We have updated the module, but still experience issues with, for example, the Subtitle field on Page revisions. Our current recommendation is to disable the visual inline comparison. More coming soon with beta2.

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