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Release notes

Sector 8.x-4.0-rc1 is out!

Issue date:

The 8.x-4.0-rc1 release includes the latest Drupal 8.8 release and our first step in adapting the new media library in core. 

Core and module updates

With Drupal 8.8 now 'stable', we have switched the main Sector branch to 8.x-4.x. As part of this release, we also updated modules to their latest versions.

Additionally, we're moving further towards a full production release by marking this as -rc1! Yay!  

The Sector team will continue to support the 3.x branch until June 3, 2020 - but only security releases will be committed.

For more information see our Sector release schedule overview

Changes and improvements

The Sector 8.4 update includes the following:

  • Drupal 8.8
  • Field group 3.0
  • Removal of all media browsers & deprecation of the Media Browser modules in Sector.
  • Enabling of Media Library and configuring it to be the default media system in Sector.
  • Removal of all existing Media embed buttons in favour of the Drupal core library button.
  • Minor config changes & exports to make config 8.8-ready.
  • Removal of a core patch that is no longer needed.

As part of our ongoing quest to reduce technical debt and get ready for Drupal 9, we decided to adapt the media release in our first 8.8 compatible Sector release - read more in our upcoming blog post, Good bye media browser - welcome media library. 


The following modules are now deprecated - they will remain in the code base until the Sector 9 release: 

We've also removed the custom CK buttons from our Sector media browsers. 

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Sector 9 is out!

With Drupal 9 released, we have published our Sector 9 roadmap as well as completed the first release for Sector 9.

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