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Release notes

Sector D8 alpha1 - 8.x-2.0-alpha1 - is out

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Sector 8.x-2.0-alpha1 is the first official Sector Starter Kit release on 

The release consolidates our module, code, and configuration base in preparation for the Sector media configuration based on Drupal's 8.5.0 release. 

What is new

Multiple Term conditions for the Block Layout

We have reduced the technical debt on our approach to Sector Page Variants and Page Content Settings and the Sector block template components. The new ability to have multiple Term conditions - made possible with a Sparks custom patch to the Term conditions module - replaces the Drupal Context configuration in Sector D7. 

New leaner module list 

In preparation for the media in core configuration, we have removed all media related contrib. modules that are no longer required (as well as all other modules that aren't actively used).

Removed non-media file and image fields 

Again, in preparation for the media in core configuration, we have removed all non-media file and image fields from all content types. 

CK template button now available for all relevant text formats

We completed the Sector WYSIWYG templates set-up by adding the template buttons to the text formats. 

Improved consistency in displays across content types

We are constantly improving consistency in displays across content types. 

Minor patches applied

Patch for


Last updated:

Our Sector 9 Roadmap is out!

With the release for Drupal 9 coming closer, we have now published our Sector 9 Roadmap.

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Open Source award winner!

Sparks Interactive are delighted to accept the Open Source Use in Business award for Sector and the open source platform.

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