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Sector Guide

The Sector guide provides step-by-step guidance for your Sector Projects.

Sector WYSIWYG templates

WYSIWYG templates allow content editors to add advanced design elements to their pages without the need to code -  just select a template from the drop-down and insert it into the WYSIWYG field. 

The Sector WYSIWYG templates are based on the CKEditor Content Templates Add-on and Wysiwyg API template plugin.

The Sector Starter Kit includes a set of preconfigured templates to give you an idea how make the best use of WYSIWYG templates. 

Preconfigured templates


Templates Sector D8 Use case
Blockquote - Full. Text align left with cite Included in Starter Kit Extends the default block quote with a cite and additional classes. 
Blockquote - Half. Featured. Float right Included in Starter Kit As above, but only half column width and floating to the right. It can easily adjusted to float to the left by changing the class from pull-right to pull-left
Grid - 2 x 1 Included in Starter Kit Bootstrap style two column grid. 
List - Definition Included in Starter Kit Example for an easy workaround if your editorial team is missing HTML elements in the CKEditor toolset. 
Note - Default Included in Starter Kit Example for additional design elements using preset mark-up. 

Table - with header cells in the first column only  

Table - with header cells in the top row and first column

Table - with header cells in the top row only

Included in Starter Kit Example for HTML table templates - aim is to provide better more accessible HTML mark while still be able to use the CKEditor secondary menu to add or remove rows and columns. 
Sample content 

To easily test and showcase the templates we have added samples to the Sector WYSIWYG Content Elements page. 


Open Source award winner!

Sparks Interactive are delighted to accept the Open Source Use in Business award for Sector and the open source platform

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