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Release notes

Sector Index A-Z 8.x-1.x-dev is out

Issue date:

The first development release for the Sector Index A-Z add-on is out. This add-on offers a simple and easy way to list content in an A-Z index.

With Sector Index A-Z, you'll get:

  • Sector Index content type and displays
  • Sector Index topic taxonomy.         
  • Sector A-Z (by Title) view to search or list index content alphabetically by title. 
  • Sector A-Z (by Term) view to search or list index topics and related nodes alphabetically by term. 
  • And - as always - sample content to make it easy to get started

Sector Portfolio is an optional Sector add-on. Sector add-ons can be downloaded and installed via the Sector Index A-Z project page on or by using composer. The components and configuration make it easy to get started, and sample content lets you get to grips with the main features.

Sector Index A-Z has dependencies to - and requires components from - the Sector Starter Kit 8.x-2.0-beta4 or higher.

You can read more about Sector Index A-Z, or get straight to it and...

Download and try out Sector Index A-Z

Download Sector Index A-Z on  and let us know what you think!

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Sector 9 is out!

With Drupal 9 released, we have published our Sector 9 roadmap as well as completed the first release for Sector 9.

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