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Differences between Sector D7 and Sector D8

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The differences between Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 are significant and have major dependencies on Sector D8. 

Drupal 8 includes:

  • 200+ new features and improvements 
  • A move to the PHP framework Symfony
  • A new theming approach using flexible, fast, and secure template engine Twig
  • A new approach and architecture to Drupal distributions
  • A new way to install and maintain Drupal projects
  • A move to migrate functionality previously provided by contributed modules into core (or migrate the contributed modules into the module included in core).

In many aspects, Drupal 8 is not an upgrade, but a new application. Many standard contributed modules are still catching up with the steep upgrade path, or are replaced by new native Drupal 8 modules.

What does that mean for Sector? 

The major changes in Sector D8 include:

Read more about our Sector D8 Roadmap.

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