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New Zealand Women's Refuge Shielded Site widget (Sector Ecosystem)

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Sector Ecosystem

Women's Refuge New Zealand have created a tool for victims of abuse to ask for help, without fear of it showing up in their browser’s history or an abusive partner ever seeing it.

The Shielded Site tool provides a simple icon which can sit on any website and launch a powerful resource to help end domestic violence.

We created a Drupal module allowing site builders to add the widget to any Drupal site without any dependencies to the Sector Starter Kit. 

Users with access to the Drupal block management can set the widget to be shown in the three options provided by The Shielded Site tool 

  • Button
  • Large tab
  • Small tab

Get started

After you have installed the module ... 

1 - Enable 'New Zealand Shielded button block'


2 - Place the 'Shielded' block in your chosen content region


Hide the display title and choose between button, large tab, and small tab

3 - Clear both Drupal and browser caches

Related entities and configuration (Sector 10)

Shielded block



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