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Sector Media file types and configuration (Sector 10)

We are updating our documentation library to be ready for the Sector 10! Find out more in our Sector 10 roadmap or head straight to our collection of Sector 10 - Changes and Updates.

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Media management
Sector 10

Much has changed since we last reviewed our Sector Media configuration and with Sector 10 we are introducing new media types and approaches. 

Features and functionality

Public vs. private file systems

The file field upload destinations in Sector are set to the public file system. This is good enough for most (but not all) sites - learn more in our article Public vs. private file systems

Related entities and configuration (Sector 10)

Sector Media file types

Sector media files are based on the default Drupal 10 media files using the media and media library core modules. 


Media file type When to use Drupal 10 Sector 10 
Audio  Use for audio files uploaded to your local file system. Based on Drupal core Audio. yes yes 
Document Use for files—e.g. pdf—uploaded to your local file system. Based on Drupal core Document. yes yes
Image Use for images—e.g. jpg—uploaded to your local file system. Based on Drupal core Image. yes yes
Remote video Use for videos hosted remotely—e.g. on YouTube or Vimeo. Based on Drupal core Remote video. yes yes
Video  For videos uploaded to your local file system. Based on Drupal core Video. yes yes
Vector Use for vector files—e.g .svg—uploaded to your local file system. Based on SVG image. no yes
Data set Coming soon.  no no

Default settings

All media types are set to be published by default for ease of use. If you are working with sensitive or classified media content you should review this setting on your site. 

Preconfigured media meta data fields 

  • Names, Mime type, and size (and other fields specific to types) are mapped to the 'file' where possible.
  • Caption (formally credit and caption) is preconfigured and limited to Restricted Basic HTML.
  • The Sector 8/9 Title and Tag fields are deprecated. 
  • The Sector 8/9 preconfigured URL pattern are deprecated.

Sector Media view modes  


  • We have added Sector › XS to 2XL to the default Drupal media view modes

Sector Images styles 


  • We have added Sector › XS to 3XL to the default Drupal media view modes and mapped those to the Sector view modes.
  • Additional images styles are provided for most common use cases, e.g. twitter cards and Open Graph.

Sector Responsive Images styles 


  • We have added Sector › XS to 3XL to the default Drupal set up. 

Media Library settings

  • Advanced UI is not selected by default 

Image toolkit

  • GD2 image manipulation toolkit is enabled with the default compression setting of 75%. We recommend to review this on a per site basis. 

WYSIWYG embeds CK5

  • We have added the media embeds for CK5 on Sector › Basic HTML and Full HTML formats.
  • The default embed view mode is Sector › MD, and per media type a selection of Sector › XS to LG view modes can be chosen by the editor. Some of the displays are WIP!

Sample content

We are currently—September 2023—working through the final set of sample content for media! 

Media sample content planned

  • Word document (WIP) 
  • PDF document (WIP) 
  • Landscape image (WIP) 
  • Portrait image (WIP) 
  • Remote video (WIP) 
  • Local Video (WIP) 
  • Local Audio (WIP) 
  • SVG (Local)
Media added to pages

We will also add the media to our Styles and design components sample page.


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Sector 10 is coming!

Find out more in our Sector 10 roadmap.

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