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Sector Mega Menu (Sector 10)

We are updating our documentation library to be ready for the Sector 10! Find out more in our Sector 10 roadmap or head straight to our collection of Sector 10 - Changes and Updates.

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Sector 10

Sector Mega Menu provides a visually organised and efficient view of your menu structure, allowing users to quickly grasp the hierarchical structure of your site and access content in deeper levels. This improves usability on sites with large amount of hierarchical content in menus. 

Sector dependencies

The Sector Mega Menu module is built to extend the Sector Starter Kit and has a hard dependency on the Sector › Main menu block and its menu block from the Sector Distribution

Sector Mega Menu module

Features and functionality (Sector 10)

Sector Mega Menu ships with two preconfigured blocks - Root megamenu menu, and Root megamenu body. 

Menu Block Name Options Site builder tasks
Root megamenu menu This block replaces the default Sector main menu block in the header. 

In most use cases you will replace the Sector › Main menu block in the Header region with this block.

Block classes

If you're using a Sector theme that uses Tailwind, add these classes:

  • lg:ml-auto lg:flex-1 hidden lg:block

Available options

  • Overlaid (coming soon)
  • Pushed (Default)
Root megamenu body This block contains your mega menu. 

In most use cases you will place this block in the Header › Post region.

Available options

  • Choose the maximum depth of the menu items to be displayed.

Related entities and configuration (Sector 10)

To configure your Mega Menu, go to:

Root megamenu menu 


Root megamenu body



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Sector 10 is coming!

Find out more in our Sector 10 roadmap.

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