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Drupal text formats provide additional security and filters for your text content. The Sector text format configuration adjusts the existing Drupal text formats and adds additional formats to cater for common use cases. 

Drupal text formats add: 

  • Additional security - Text formats filter unwanted, or potentially insecure, code or script entered in text fields. 
  • Additional sanitation - Text formats use filters to ensure that markup is clean and follows common standards. 
  • Granular permissions in content authoring - Text formats are hooked into Drupal permissions, allowing you to manage which user roles can use which format. 

Read more in the Drupal User Guide - Concept: Text Formats and Editors

The Sector D7 text formats have equivalent Drupal CKEditor WYSIWYG profiles. In Drupal 8/9, the CKEditor is core and the WYSIWYG profiles are part of the text format configuration.

The Content Administrator and Content Editor user roles are part of the Sector Starter Kit user configuration.

Preconfigured Drupal Text Formats 


Sector D7 Sector D8/9 Use cases Enabled Roles
Filtered HTML (core) Basic HTML (core) Used by all editorial staff, mostly in body content.  Drupal Sitebuilder (site architects and developers only), Content Administrator, Content Editor
Filtered HTML basic (Sector) Restricted Basic HTML (Sector) Used by all editorial staff for text fields that have restricted style options.   Drupal Sitebuilder (site architects and developers only), Content Administrator, Content Editor
n/a Restricted HTML (core) New format in D8 targeted for user generated content* (restricted by security requirements) Not in use for Sector. Can be configured to be site-specific.
Full HTML (core) Full HTML (core) Used by advanced editorial staff to allow custom HTML, CSS, and Javascript.  Drupal Sitebuilder (site architects and developers only), Content Administrator
Teaser display text (Sector) Teaser display text (Sector) Used by sitebuilders to manage teaser text displays. Can also be used as a 'fall-back' text format for text fields that do not use an editor.  Drupal Sitebuilder (site architects and developers only), Content Administrator, Content Editor
Plain text (core) Plain text (core) Text format for plain text fields.  All roles may use this format
Display Suite code (Display Suite) (deprecated)  Used in Drupal 7 to give sitebuilders the ability to add PHP code to fields. Deprecated in Drupal 8 Drupal Sitebuilder (site architects and developers only) 
Raw HTML  New in Sector D8 (first in 8.x-2.0-alpha3). To allow sitebuilders to add HTML code to Display Suit fields without CK editor 'interference' (all filters deactivated).  Drupal Sitebuilder (site architects and developers only) 

* Read more in the related discussions on

Text format

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