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Sector Webform Add-on

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The Sector Webform Add-on brings the Drupal Webform module to Sector including user roles for a Webform Manager and a Webform Submission Manager, and a sample form with styled base components and error messages. 

The Sector Webform add-on is under active development! 

The Sector Webform add-on is currently a work in progress. The base functionality is there, but bear with us while we add sample contents and theming! 

Why a Sector Add-on?

The Drupal Webform module on its own provides a powerful set of tools that can be used with Sector as-is. The Sector Webform Add-on builds on the toolset adding a features that help our clients to manage webforms and submission. 

Features and functionality

  • User roles for a Webform Manager and a Webform Submission Manager
  • Antibot to prevent spam
  • Styles for default components 
  • Styles for error handling
  • Simple error handing for fields
  • Sample content to make it easy to test.

Included modules 

5 modules are included in this add-on

  • Sector Webform
  • Webform
  • Webform UI
  • Antibot
  • Inline Form Errors. 


  • This Sector Add-on has dependencies to - and requires components from - the Sector Starter Kit

Get started

1 - Enable 'Sector Webform' 


On install, the module will require to enable the Webform, Webform UI, Antibot, Inline Form Errors modules.

2 - Clear both Drupal and browser caches

    Related entities and configuration

    User roles for Webform Manager and Webform Submission Manager

    User roles  Responsibilities 
    Webform Manager

    Sector's Webform Manager role provides basic editorial access to add, edit, and manage webforms. The Webform Manager role is additive to the Content Editor and Content Administer role (assuming that a Webform Manager is part of the editorial team and access to the webform management is additional to other editorial tasks.)

    Webform Submission Manager

    Sector's Webform Submission Manager role provides basic access to manage Webform Submissions. This is a stand-alone role, assuming that access to webform submissions is given without editorial access. 


    Permissions for the user roles


    Sample content and styles 

    An un-styled webform with the most used components is included but styles are missing. Bear with us!  


    Change log 

    More to come! 


    Last updated

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    Find out more in our Sector 10 roadmap.

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