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Menus and menu management

Sector menu configuration

Drupal Sitebuilder

Next to the Drupal default menus, Sector ships with additional preconfigured menus and menu blocks to make it as easy as possible to get started.

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Editing a standard or section entry page

Editor guides
Content Editor Content Administrator

Standard and section entry pages are page layout variants of the Page content type.

Visit the Sector online demo to see a section entry page containing standard pages

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Working with menus and menu items

Content Editor Content Administrator

Page nodes are hierarchical content organised in menus. Out of the box, your Sector site will have two public facing menus - the main menu and the footer menu.

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Sector 9 is out!

With Drupal 9 released, we have published our Sector 9 roadmap as well as completed the first release for Sector 9.

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Open Source award winner!

Sparks Interactive are delighted to accept the Open Source Use in Business award for Sector and the open source platform.

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