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Page content type (Sector 10)

We are updating our documentation library to be ready for the Sector 10! Find out more in our Sector 10 roadmap or head straight to our collection of Sector 10 - Changes and Updates.

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Drupal Sitebuilder
Content types and displays
Sector 10 Sector Page

Sector 10's Page content type provides an easy starting point for hierarchical content in menus including display and content settings to get you started.  

See the Sector 10 Page in action!

Coming soon! 

Features and functionality

Sector Page includes:

  • Page content type, displays and responsive menus
  • Display Options for the Hero region, Text placement, and Content settings.  
  • Editable 404 and 403 error pages 
  • Sample content to make it easy to get started

Introducing Display options  

The Sector page architecture allows us to mix and match layout options with minimal technical debt. See Sector Display Options (Sector 10) for an introduction! 

Both the Hero layout and the Page content settings are built on Drupal taxonomies and can be easily extended. The Text placement is a simple list field. 

Related entities and configuration 

The Page content type 


The Hero layout taxonomy and Content setting taxonomy


Related blocks and block groups under block layout 


  • Block group: Hero › Maximal and Block group: Hero › Minimal placed in the Hero region
  • Title caption, Page title, and Subtitle are included in the block groups above
  • Main menu placed in the Sidebar B
  • Last updated placed in the Content region 
  • In this section placed in the Content post region 

URL pattern configuration 


Term conditions 

The Sector block template components listed above are displayed via multiple term conditions made possible with a Sparks custom patch to the term conditions module. 

Sample content 

We have reduced the amount of sample content 

  • Design and build captivating digital experiences even faster—the homepage
  • Get started—L1 page sample
  • Level 3 page—L3 page sample
  • Styles and design components—sample page for WYSIWYG styles 
  • News landing page 
  • Site map - Sitemap listing pages in the main menu
  • Access Denied (error 403)- Editable 403 page 
  • Page not found (error 404) - Editable 404 page 


Last updated

Sector 10 is coming!

Find out more in our Sector 10 roadmap.

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