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Content curation

Writing a content style guide

A style guide keeps your content consistent, no matter who is writing it - or when.

Managing taxonomies

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Drupal’s taxonomy management allows you to sort, organise, and label your content. The terms in a taxonomy can be used, for example, as filters for your resource library.

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Creating, reverting, and managing revisions

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Revisions are used to keep track of changes made to content - this allows you to go back in time and to revert the node back to a previous version if needed.
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Changing standard node settings

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Standard node settings are part of the node edit form and let you change various aspects of a content node - such as its URL alias and metadata.

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Our Sector 9 Roadmap is out!

With the release for Drupal 9 coming closer, we have now published our Sector 9 Roadmap.

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