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Working with Sector's in-page Table of Contents (Sector 10)

We are updating our documentation library to be ready for the Sector 10! Find out more in our Sector 10 roadmap or head straight to our collection of Sector 10 - Changes and Updates.

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In-page navigation elements can significantly improve usability on longer pages. The optional Sector Table of Contents feature provides a simple ToC automated from headings in the main body content.  

Sector Table of Contents is optional in the Sector Starter Kit

Can't see it? You might need to install it first! Find out how in our site builder guide

Editors can place the table of contents either in the sidebar or in the WYSIWYG. 

When to use Table of Contents placements

The two placements cater for very different use cases.  

Use cases Sidebar placement Body (WYSIWYG) placement
Page length  For longer pages needing 'deeper' in-page navigation For shorter pages with only 3 to 6 distinct sections defined by H2s 
Type of ToC 

All ToC that list more than 6 items. 
All ToC listing more than one headline level e.g. H2 and H3 or disclosure summaries.

ToC that only list H2s
Sidebar blocks Secondary menu block is hidden  Secondary menu block is shown

Placing a table of contents in the sidebar 

To place a table of contents in the sidebar, select 'show table of contents' under 'content settings' in the 'display options' field set. 

We highly recommend hiding the secondary menu block

Placing a table of contents in the WYSIWYG 

  • Select the 'embedded content' button from the toolbar and choose 'Sector > Table of contents'.
  • Under 'Heading' select a heading, for example 'On this page'. 
  • Under 'Selectors' you can add specific CSS selectors, for example h2, h3, h4:first-child or summary for disclosures.  

Enjoy :)



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Sector 10 is coming!

Find out more in our Sector 10 roadmap.

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