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2020 may not have been stable, but at least Sector officially is!

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It's been an odd year, but the Sector team have kept trucking along nonetheless. 2020 may not have been stable, but with the latest release, we can at least say that Sector is!

The biggest achievement for Sector this year is that it is now officially production-ready! You'll now see that on our Drupal page there's a nice green badge to show that the Sector 5.0.0 release is stable and covered by the Drupal Security Team. This means Sector's code has been reviewed by the Security Team and we have made a commitment to respond to future security reports raised by them - so you can rest easy knowing that Sector is a safe solution for your website.

It's been a decent journey to get to the production-ready release of Sector - with Sector D7 first published in 2016, and Sector D8 following in 2018. We're all excited that after the years of developing and improving Sector, it is now in production.

It's been a true team effort - not just from the Sector team at Sparks Interactive, but from everyone who supported and contributed to Sector along the way. Many thanks to all the people who gave Sector a go and provided feedback, and of course the people who contributed code and fixes. We wouldn't be where we are without your help!

Some other changes you may have noticed in Sector over the past year include improvements to media management, like switching out Media Browser for Media Library. Sector also has a new theme - the Sector Radix Starter theme.

Some changes you wouldn't have noticed include all the ongoing work behind the scenes to keep Sector up to date with latest security releases. Safety first! 

In 2021 we have a few plans for Sector, including releasing some more Sector add-ons we've been working on (like Workflow!) and more work towards Sector 9 - watch this space!!

Best wishes to you all as we head into a well deserved holiday break - see you next year!

- the Sector team

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