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First Aid - Troubleshooting for editors

If you're having problems editing or displaying your content, this First Aid for Editors collection might be able to help you out. We haven't covered the issue you're having? Let us know!

  • I can't log into my user account

    If you are having issues logging in to your user account, try these troubleshooting solutions.
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  • When your users don't receive emails

    If you or your users do not receive email notifications sent from your website, a likely scenario is that the webserver is not authorised to send emails on behalf of your domain.

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  • Understanding user permissions - or why can't I ...

    If you find that you can’t edit something on your site - perhaps a menu, block, or specific content type - your user profile likely doesn’t have the required role to allow you to do this task.

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  • I’m having issues formatting in the WYSIWYG editor

    Struggling with formatting your body content in the WYSIWYG text editor? These tips might be able to help you out.
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  • I'm having issues with an uploaded media file

    Having issues uploading an image, video, or document? Want to replace a file across the whole site? This guide provides some pointers.

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  • An event map isn’t displaying correctly

    Each event can have an interactive Google Map displayed for the event location. If you’ve entered a location for an event, but the map isn’t displaying once you’ve saved the node, try checking the following.
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