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An event map isn’t displaying correctly

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Each event can have an interactive Google Map displayed for the event location. If you’ve entered a location for an event, but the map isn’t displaying once you’ve saved the node, try checking the following.

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Haven't created an event node before?

Start by reading about Editing an event.

Is the address entered as it is on Google?

Screenshot of location address on Google Maps

Screenshot - A location’s address in Google Maps

Search Google Maps for your event’s location. Compare the address ( 1 ) with the one you’ve entered in the event node - if they are different, change the address to match the Google one.

If the wrong location is displayed on your event map, there might be multiple locations with the same address - try adding more detail to narrow down which location it is (like the postcode).

Does your website have a Google API key?

Screenshot of broken Google map with no API key

Screenshot - Embedded Google map without a Google API key

To embed Google Maps on your website, you must have a Google API key.

To get a Google API key, you need a Google Cloud Platform  account with a project for your website, and billing details set up. Google does give you some free usage of maps each month, so this may cover the maps you use (depending on the traffic you get to them).

You can learn how to create the API key in the Google Maps documentation page, Get an API Key

You will then need to ask a sitebuilder or developer to set up the API key on your Sector site - they can learn more on the Sector Events documentation page.

Want to know more about events and maps? 


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