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Editing an index

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Content editing
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If your site has the Sector Index A-Z add-on, you can add index items to two alphabetical indexes - one organised by title and one by topic.

Visit the Sector online demo to see Index A-Z by Title and Index A-Z by Topic

Steps in this guide 

  1. Add a new index
  2. Select the right title for an A-Z index
  3. Select Index A-Z topic/s
  4. Add body content and check node settings
  5. Preview and publish

For general guidance on adding and editing content, see:

Adding new content to your site and Making changes to existing content on your site.

Step 1 - Add a new index

To add an index, use the AdminUI toolbar and navigate to Content > Add content > Index


This takes you to a node edit form for an index node.

Step 2 - Select the right title for an A-Z index

If you display your index by title, you will need to develop a strategy for your page titles - the first letter in your page title will decide under which letter your content is listed.

Be aware of starting with 'the' and 'a' - shorten your title so it starts with a relevant keyword. Keep it short and precise, but also informative. Document your approach in your style guide. 

Step 3 - Select Index A-Z topic/s

Screenshot of index node edit form

Screenshot - Selecting meta data in an index node edit form

Under 'Meta data' ( 1 ), you can select an Index A-Z topic (or multiple topics) for an index. This allows the user to filter indexes by topic in the 'Index A-Z by Title' view, and see groups of indexes in the 'Index A-Z by Topic' view.

If you are a content administrator user, you can also add or edit topic names ( 2 ).

Step 4 - Add body content and check node settings

Add content to the 'Body' section and check the standard node settings. You can see Introduction to the WYSIWYG editor and Changing standard node settings for more guidance.

Out of the box, the Index content type has a very reduced set of fields. It has no related content group and no menu items (from beta1). 

Step 5 - Preview and publish

At the bottom of the node edit form you can save and preview your content. You should preview your index before publishing it - see Previewing your content for more detail.

For items in the index you should also preview how an individual index item is displayed on the index landing pages, seeing that this is how most users will access the content - make sure your title works! 

Screenshot of Index A-Z by Title (from the Sector demo)

Screenshot - Searching by category in the Index A-Z by Title on the Sector demo.

Visit the 'Index A-Z by Title' and 'Index A-Z by Topic' landing pages and check that the index displays as you expect (including that it is displayed for the right categories/topics).

Publish your index when you are ready. 

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