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Editing a media gallery

Changes to the media management from May 2020!

From May 2020, the new media library replaces the Sector media browsers for images, files and videos, and Sector sites first launched after May 2020 will take advantage of the new, easy to use, and customisable interface. Not sure if that's you? Have a quick look at the WYSIWYG toolbar - three media buttons old, one button new! Find out what changed in Working with the new media library. 


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Sector Media gallery

If the Sector Media Gallery add-on has been installed, you are able to add galleries of images and videos to your site. In this guide you can learn how to add and edit media galleries.

Visit the Sector online demo to see a media gallery landing page and sample media galleries

In this guide

  1. Add a new media gallery
  2. Select media gallery category and display variant
  3. Add body text and subtitle
  4. Select gallery media
  5. Select issue date and 'last updated'
  6. Change the standard node settings
  7. Preview and publish the news item

For general guidance on adding and editing content, see: Adding new content to your site and Making changes to existing content on your site.

Step 1 - Add a new media gallery

To add a media gallery, use the AdminUI toolbar and navigate to Content > Add content > Media gallery


This takes you to a node edit form for a media gallery node.

Step 2 - Select media gallery category and display variant

Screenshot of category and display variant fields for a media gallery

Screenshot - Media gallery category and display variant in the node edit form

Select a media gallery category from the dropdown list. 'Media gallery category' is a taxonomy, so its terms can be changed by content administrators.

You also need to select the media gallery display variant - this decides whether the media is displayed as a pop-up carousel or as single pages.

Step 3 - Add body text and subtitle

For media gallery nodes, the body text is displayed in the node teaser (e.g. on the media gallery landing page), while the text you see on the node is the subtitle.

These text fields are edited using the WYSIWYG editor - learn more in Introduction to the WYSIWYG editor.

Step 4 - Select gallery media

Screenshot of gallery media fields for a media gallery node

Screenshot - Selecting media for a media gallery node

For media gallery nodes, you need to select the media ( 1 ) which is contained in the gallery - this can be both images and videos.

Click and drag the media to reorder it, and select 'Edit' ( 2 ) to change the description and caption displayed for that piece of media.

You also need to select a 'gallery teaser' for each media gallery. You can learn more about teaser images in Adding banner and teaser images.

Step 5 - Select issue date and 'last updated'

Screenshot of meta data fields for media gallery node

Screenshot - Meta data fields for a media gallery node edit form

Choose the issue date under 'Meta data'. This is displayed in the frontend on the media gallery.

You can also set the date the gallery was 'last updated' - this is displayed at the bottom of the media gallery.

Step 6 - Change the standard node settings

The standard node settings (e.g. authoring information) are at the side of the node edit form. You can learn more about these settings in Changing standard node settings.

Step 7 - Preview and publish the news item

At the bottom of the node edit form you can save and preview your content.

Before you save your news as 'published', you should preview it to see how it displays - see Previewing your content. Once you're happy with how it looks, publish the node.

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Sector 9 is out!

With Drupal 9 released, we have published our Sector 9 roadmap as well as completed the first release for Sector 9.

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